Two Difference Replica Models Rolex Deepsea D-blue Vs Yacht-master Ii

Most of you are rather familiar with the two replica watches we are going to talk about today, let’s see more details here.
With cases measuring 44mm, the Deepsea and the Yacht-Master II are in fact the biggest Rolex models to date. Due to its 17.7mm thickness (compared to the 14mm of the Yacht-Master II), the Deepsea feels much larger and heftier on the wrist. The bulkier case of the Deepsea is necessary to ensure its extreme water-resistance of 12,800 feet—there is the helium escape valve, the titanium caseback, the thick domed sapphire crystal, and the nitrogen-alloyed steel central ring to the house.
While the Yacht-Master II watch is water-resistant up to 330 feet, the watch performs above water. The Yacht-Master II consists of a regatta chronograph, complete with a countdown mechanism and mechanical memory. A regatta is series of sailing competitions where boats have differing start times—hence the countdown function.
While the Deepsea D-Blue functions are almost the same as the standard Deepsea, it does boast a unique dial. Using specific design cues, the dial commemorates James Cameron’s historic 2012 descent to the Mariana Trench. To begin with, there is the gradual color change from bright blue to deep black to signify the darkness of the deep. Then there’s the bright green color of the “DEEPSEA” label mimicking the color of the submersible Cameron used.
On the other hand, the Yacht-Master II sports a white dial featuring a special layout that is significantly different from other Rolex watches. There’s the off-centered 10-minute countdown scale with an arrow-tipped hand, the running seconds subdial, and the blue and red accents. Just this year, the best replica Rolex updated the dial of the Yacht-Master II to include Mercedes-style hands along with triangular and square indexes at 12 and 6 o’clock, respectively.
Typical of the Rolex sports watches, both the Deepsea D-Blue model and the steel Yacht-Master II model have Oyster bracelets but with different clasps. Since it’s a diver’s fake watch, the Deepsea includes the Glidelock and the Fliplock extension systems to ensure the watch fits over a wetsuit. Besides, both timepieces also have a Cerachrom ceramic bezel, but again, their functions are different. The diver’s bezel used to keep track of immersion times on the Deepsea only rotates in one direction as a security measure. On the contrary, the bidirectional blue ceramic bezel on the Yacht-Master II serves to control the countdown function. As a result, the Rolex replica has dubbed the Ring Command.
This speaks to the collectability of the James Cameron Deepsea D-Blue—it is one of the more difficult contemporary Rolex watches to the source.