the new rolex Gmt-master ii with “pepsi” bezel

in baselworld 2016, there are the most hotly-anticipated releases of the year, among them, the new Rolex Gmt-master ii with a “Pepsi” red and blue bezel is my favorite. the Pepsi Gmt is undoubtedly one of the most iconic watches from Rolex’s history and it’s finally back in a souped-up form. it quite soon became the new star in theĀ best replica watch market.

the technical specs of the new replica Gmt-master ii are quite similar to last year’s extremely popular black and blue Gmt-master ii, including the use of the eta movement with a para chrome hairspring with Breguet overcoil. the two biggest differences are the bezel and the metal. instead of the black/blue bezel, this model has the classic Pepsi combination of red and blue. the bezel starts entirely red and then through a chemical process, half the bezel is turned to deep blue. red is an extremely difficult color to achieve in ceramic and the dual-color process is patented by Rolex. the numerals are engraved and then coated with a thin layer of platinum for legibility. the two tones are meant to mimic those of the bakelite bezels from the original Gmt master.
although Rolex has rendered the new Gmt-master ii in solid 18k white gold (over three times the price of a steel Gmt-master ii ), more watch fans might have expected this watch to be released in steel for finance issue, so more of them have to choose the Rolex replica. and it’s the same 40mm Rolex sport case shape that we’re used to and the gold oyster bracelet has polished center links and brushed side links with a locking clasp. the dial is a deep black lacquer and the Gmt hand has the familiar styling with a red shaft and a silver arrow filled with lume.
while Rolex does not answer anyone why they produce the new Gmt-master ii in 18k white gold, the fact remains that if you want the hottest Gmt watch, you may need to take more time considering the best replica Rolex Gmt-master ii.