The Special Panerai Luminary Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio 42mm


I’ve loved the Panerai aesthetic all the time. From the slim lines of the Radiomir to the boyish charm of the Luminary and the dive-themed Submersible, I have a soft spot for that instantly recognizable replica Panerai vibe. Unfortunately for me, Pieria fake watches are, generally speaking, quite big in size. True to both form and legacy, many of the Panerai’s most interesting designs are 44mm or larger, which is simply too much fake watch for my wrist.   pane-077453_03
For example, the Luminary Submersible is readily found in both 44mm and 47mm sizes, and while I have to say they are extremely cool watches, I’ve tried them on and found them far too large for my tastes and wrist. In an unexpected turn at SIHH earlier this year, the Panerai announced a new 42mm Submersible, providing the same lovely and fatter shape but with less bulk on the wrist. Its full name is the Luminary Submersible 1950 3 Days Automatic Acciaio 42mm, aka the 42mm Submersible. Man, what a difference 2mm makes.
As a previously benched fan of the Submersible design, the appeal of a smaller version was undeniable and I still recall picking it up off the desk in Geneva, the smile growing on my face – it’s a Submersible, and it fits! Diehard Panerai fans may not care for this more casual expression of their beloved rough and tumble Submersible, but I was on board from the moment I tried it on.
Put simply, the model is a more accessible expression of the Panerai replica design and the major selling point here is, unsurprisingly, the smaller size. When swapping in a new strap, one can use a pusher tool to depress this button and another pusher to apply light pressure to the bar via the drilled lug hole, easily launching the bar with minimal force.
My favorite feature for the watch is that the hours are jump set, so whether you’re traveling or just want to change 12:10 to 10:10 for a quick Instagram photo, you can adjust the hour in either direction easily, without stopping the movement. This may seem like a trivial feature, but every time I have a fake watch with jump set hours, I really appreciate the extra practicality and flexibility. Much like the bezel and the crown guard, crown functionality feels great, with a large wheel-shaped crown offering a strong interface for time setting and easy access to hand-winding.
All cards on the table, I love these best replica watches and for me, it’s all about the size. While the idea of a smaller version of a watch known for its large size is a bit odd and certainly niche in its appeal, I think it works so well on the wrist. What’s more, I think a small Submersible is a wise move on Panerai’s part, as the audience likeliest to find the model appealing, are those in the same situation as me.

Best Quality Rolex Yacht-Master II Replicas

The Yacht-Master II is a watch intended for those in the yachting community. Similar to the real Yacht-Master in no way whatsoever, this hulking great vibrant behemoth contains one of the most technically impressive sophistications ever shoehorned inside the innovation of any replica watch brand.
It could also serve as the dictionary definition of the word ‘niche’ as a product. Powered by a new caliber that needed more than 35,000 man-hours to devise, the result was a watch that’s sole target was to assist yacht skippers to coordinate the beginning procedure of a sailing regatta. 
Demographically, it is a unique small purpose for the marketing department to aim for. However, while its looks have split opinion and are a world away from the handsome elegance that has been the fake Rolex hallmark for over 100 years, the Yacht-Master II has won plenty of fans.
Its concept and sheer audacity have also silenced many of the brand’s critics and, while not correctly opening the floodgates for a slew of multifunction models to come pouring out of their Geneva HQ, the Rolex has at least showed that, should they make up their mind to mix it up in the world of complications, they can compete with the best of them. 
The first of the series was unveiled available in either yellow or white gold finishes. In 2011, the watch appeared, a canny Rolesor variant, which blended 904L steel with Rolex’s warm Everose gold. The combination went a long way in toning down some of the Yacht-Master’s color scheme eccentricities and making it much easier on the eye.
The 44mm case, the biggest in the Rolex fleet, affords a large surface area for the dial designers to play with. And it’s just as well. There is much information displayed on the replica watch’s face, but the logical placement of each element gives it legible readability.
The main point to all this functionality exists in the Yacht-Master’s most conspicuous component, the bright blue bezel with its oversized, golden numerals. More than simply being the fake watch’s border, the bezel is the most important part of its overall operation.
It sounds like a convoluted affair, but as a matter of fact, there is a perfectly designed intuitiveness to getting the most out of the Yacht-Master. The Rolex engineers have pared down the process as much as possible, while still retaining all the essential performance.
By 2013, Rolex had perfected the purpose-built Cal. 4161 specifically for the Yacht-Master. Their most component-heavy caliber to date, it is constructed from 360 separate parts. As well as the improved accuracy and shock resistance provided by including the replica Rolex’s own Parachrom hairspring, the 31 jewels, high beat movement also has an increased power reserve of 72 hours thanks to its huge mainspring barrel.